Filling the Void

I may be the only one who sees it, but I swear there’s a void in the California antiques market. As I’ve lamented before, the antiquing culture just isn’t the same here as it is on the east coast. Which is fine, really–I fully enjoy and appreciate what regionality we have left in our corporate-focused modern experience, where a Chick-fil-A sandwich tastes the same in California as it does in Illinois.

But just like the expat from London who seeks out his local British import store for a taste of home, I’ve been searching for just one source of what I vaguely describe as “east coast” antiques. I appreciate that there’s an abundance of beautiful mid-century modern, arts & crafts, Chinese, and even European decorative arts to be found here in California (although there’s frankly also a lot of junk). But I can’t possibly be the only one looking for traditional American decor, right? Are all the Boston transplants suddenly tossing mahogany aside and going native with a mission-style living room?

I know what you’re going to say: why don’t you just move to Maine and go antiquing every weekend? And let me tell you, that sounds awesome. It’s a great retirement plan. But for practical reasons, I’m in California for the time being. So I came up with another solution. If no one is selling the kind of antiques I’d like to buy, why don’t I just do it myself? Someone has to import Flake chocolate to stock the British food store (If you haven’t tried a Flake, stop reading and go find some now!). Why not “import” those “east coast” antiques from the east coast?

Indeed. Why not.

Thus, I present to you an experiment in market economics: Lauren Csaki Antiques, Fine Goods for the Traditional American Home, Torrance, California. If I really am the only one out there looking for this stuff, the experiment may flop. But I suspect I’m not. There’s only one way to find out.

You may be wondering what I’ve been up to the past couple of months, since I haven’t posted too much on the blog. Turns out, starting a business takes a lot of work! Hopefully, it will all come together tomorrow morning at the grand opening of Lauren Csaki Antiques! Come see my booth at the Santa Monica Airport Antiques Market. It’s sure to be a beautiful day. I’ll be there from 6:00 am to 3:00 pm–trying my hand at filling the void.

Business Card June 2014_2d


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