About Lauren


 Hi, I’m Lauren. Welcome to My Kingdom for a Highboy!

I’ve always been a lover of history and the arts. Initially this manifested as a dive into historical costuming, but I suppose it was just a matter of time before I also caught the antiquing bug. I live with my husband and loyal dog in Southern California. Not exactly a mecca for the early-ish American furniture and decorative arts that I (try to) collect, but searching for hidden gems here has become a fun if only rarely rewarding adventure. Since it’s hard to get my hands on the real thing from here, I have to seek much of my education in books (a solution I’ve always enjoyed). A quick scan of my ever-expanding bookshelves will give you an idea of what tickles my fancy:

  • American furniture (Queen Anne and Federal are my favorites)
  • Silver, brass, and copper decorative arts
  • 18th century paintings, especially portraits
  • Ceramics, especially early 19th century Staffordshire blue transferware

An antiques dealer in San Francisco once told me that I’m on the “wrong coast” for such things, and I absolutely agree. That’s not going to stop me though.

My favorite piece of furniture is one that I don’t own yet: a flat-topped highboy. I can only think of two of these I’ve seen for sale in California, and neither one was just right. I’m holding out for that perfect highboy that’s in my head. It may be a long search, but the hunt is what makes antiquing so much fun. Won’t you join me?